Using plastic in your wedding

There has been a lot of talk surrounding the ecological disasters that have been caused due to plastic. At such ...
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Tackling Hair Loss for the Big Day

You want to look good for you wedding day. That goes without saying. Not only is your fiancée going to ...
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wedding ring metals

Wedding Ring Metals

Once you’ve decided on the date of the wedding and have shortlisted a few wedding venues, you should decide on ...
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Shopping For A Wedding Gown With Mum

We all agree that Mums know best but does this hold true when it comes to choosing a wedding gown?  ...
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Using plastic in your wedding

There has been a lot of talk surrounding the ecological disasters that have been caused due to plastic. At such a time in our world, it is necessary to reuse plastics in all ways to decrease the toxicity of rubber and plastic in our environment. The world will greatly benefit from the strategic recycling of plastic waste and waste products by using them constructively to create newer benefits.

In almost all walks of life, people are finding new and innovative methods to contribute positively to the environment. Occasions and events are no exception to this movement. Weddings are significant milestones in most lives and can touch the hearts of all the guests and family members present. In such a situation, it is crucial to ensure the reuse of plastic and wisely contribute to reducing waste in the surrounding environs.

Let us look at ways in which you can use plastic sheets in your wedding to make it look ultra-luxurious and beautiful, yet keep within the current purview of recycling.


Bespoke wedding cake toppers:

Wedding cake toppers have been edibles in the past, and while this is a beautiful way to add to the beauty of the cake, it is also not something that you can preserve and reuse for later (maybe for a loved one’s wedding). Wedding cake toppers in a variety of fonts, sizes, colors, and patterns can be furnished from old plastic to create an elegant design on your wedding cake said an acrylic sheet supplier.

Cake toppers with Mr. and Mrs., a dancing couple, a pair of interlinked hands, or photographs with the bride and groom can also be made from plastic and kept either as a memory of the wedding or as a memento that can be passed to your loved ones, and eventually, your children.


Table decoration:

Personalized table decorations in colorful flowers, bespoke vases, clear bottles, and transparent name holders can be made from plastics. You could also opt for plastic table setting place cards with guest names engraved on them for a unique, yet intimate touch to your wedding. Plastic is cheaper than metal and getting these engraved on metal could cost you much money, in comparison to getting plastic ones made.

You could also opt for table numbers in a variety of designs, fonts, themes, or colors with the photographs of your guests (to be seated) at that table. A beautiful mosaic of disjointed photos surrounding the table number would also make a unique table setting that can make your wedding table a hit.



Name plaques with personalized messages for guests, the bride’s name or the groom’s name would make fantastic additions to your wedding party. You could also make plastic plaques for food and drink counters, a transparent menu card plaque, or save the date plaques to send to your nearest and dearest.


Wedding invitations:

Clear wedding invitations are a new rage. Gone are the days of using old cardboard and paper. The latest trend is to use clear plastic invitations with delicately engraved designs that look like an embossed script in a slightly darker color. Transparent backdrops and light or dark see-through colors can also add to the luxurious look of your wedding invites.

You can customize your invites with borders, floral accents, differently colored scripts, varied fonts, and dazzling gold and silver inlays to add to the glamour factor of your wedding. You could also make transparent covers as part of your wedding theme.


Wedding favors:

Plastic wedding favors are long-lasting and look very beautiful. You can have personalized stationery, writing pads, writing instruments, ties, napkin holders, plastic cutlery, thank you cards, and so on in plastic to make a unique impression on your guests. You could also make small mentions of the people who have helped you the most to bring the wedding together and distribute them to wedding guests.


Bridesmaids gifts:

Thank your bridesmaids and maid of honor with specialized accessories made from plastic. Plastic accessories like hair clips, rings, bracelets, and so on can be made to look uber chic. Since the material is plastic, these gifts will be memorable and long-lasting.


Plastic party supplies:

Several good looking premium-quality plastic supplies look gorgeous. Not only are these supplies durable, but they can also be reused. Dinnerware and dinner sets by the dozen or the kilogram can be rented for the day or a few days. Plates, cups, glasses, champagne flutes, wine goblets, whiskey tumblers, tablecloths, cutlery, and so on look very elegant.

Tackling Hair Loss for the Big Day

You want to look good for you wedding day. That goes without saying. Not only is your fiancée going to be staring deep into your eyes, you’re going to be stood in front of your friends and family. Not to mention the thousands of wedding photos that are going to be taken.

So if you are worried about hair loss, then you should start doing something about it now!

There are plenty of different treatments out there on the market, it just depends how much time you have and how much money you want to spend.

In this article, we will be comparing the different treatments so that you can find the perfect one. Also if hair loss isn’t your only problem and you suffer from acne. Consider getting a good face wash for acne to tackle breakouts.

Hair Loss Shampoo

This is probably the first step on your journey to regrowing your hair. If you’ve got plenty of time before the wedding to experiment, then get a well-reviewed hair shampoo and see if it works for you. Hair-loss shampoos work by utilising ingredients – like caffeine, biotin, ketoconazole and saw-palmetto – that stimulate hair growth. Results vary depending on the product you choose. Proven products are Ultrax Labs Hair Surge and Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

Medical Treatments For Hair Loss

Using a medical treatment for hair loss is a great way to start your journey. If your wedding is a while away you have time to try a few different treatments, before you go for an extreme option. Here are the two main medications available in the UK –

Propecia (Finasteride) – Treats male pattern baldness by blocking an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. DHT is one of the causes of baldness and by blocking it, hair growth is often resumed. It is shown to be very effective and only takes 3 months for it to start to show an improvement. Perfect if you have time before the big day to try a few treatments. You can buy propecia online from regulated pharmacies such as pilldoctor.co.uk.

Rogaine (Minoxidil) – This hair treatment increases the growth phase of the hair follicle cycle, which improves the quality of hair by increasing the length and width of the miniaturizing hairs. It takes about one year to see the full effect and as soon as you stop using the treatment, the hair you have grown during the year will fall out. It’s known to not be as effective as Propecia and won’t grow hair on a bald scalp.

Hair Transplant Surgery

One of the most famous methods of treating hair loss is hair transplant surgery. This is the process of removing healthy hair follicles from other parts of the body (normally other parts of the head) and replacing them onto the affected area. A normal surgery involves around 3000 grafts and takes around 4 hours. After the surgery patients will have to take pain medication and sometimes antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. Results will start to show 3-6 months after the surgery, so if you are considering this option then it is better to get it booked in early. As a treatment, hair transplant surgery is shown to be very effective, but you pay for those results with prices around £3000 to £10,000 depending on how many grafts are required.

Hair Loss Pens

Also known as microneedling, hair loss pens actually puncture the scalp and cause tiny surface wounds. The body then works to repair these wounds and in the process releases HGF and other chemicals which stimulate hair growth. This is one of the more painful options and will cause the treated area to go red immediately after treatment. It’s also not that thoroughly tested. Microneedling has been used on other parts of the body to improve skin condition, but it is quite new as a hair loss treatment. It can be expected to show results after 2-3 months.

Platelet Rich Transplant (PRP)

A platelet rich transplant is a non-surgical procedure that uses the plasma in the blood from other parts of the body to stimulate hair growth on the treated area. Plasma is a component of the blood that has healing properties. Blood is taken from the patients and centrifuged to separate the plasma which is then injected or infused into the patient’s head. This is a relatively safe and effective treatment. It can take up to 10 sessions of this treatment, with results starting to show after the 4th treatment. If you have a year before your wedding, this could be the perfect treatment for you. It is also recommended that this treatment is used in conjunction with medications like Rogaine (Minoxidil) or Propecia (Finasteride) to show maximum results.

wedding ring metals

Wedding Ring Metals

Once you’ve decided on the date of the wedding and have shortlisted a few wedding venues, you should decide on your wedding rings. Many couples opt for traditional gold wedding bands while some like to look at different options. Gold and platinum aren’t the only metals you need to choose from, there are now a plethora of options available in the market that can be fitted to your specifications. The same applies to the engagement ring – don’t settle for the first option you see. If you’re unhappy with the ring, you could ask for it to be set in a metal of your choice.

While making your selection, always pay close attention to the durability, cost, sturdiness, look, and feel of the metal. Let us see some traditional and contemporary metals available for wedding rings today. Liam from Millenio agreed “This is why buying online may not be the best option, seeing the ring in person you can get a true feel.”


Gold is a traditional metal that has been used in wedding rings and bands for generations. An extremely versatile metal, it is also the most common one. Measured in karats, Gold is divided into strengths based on the percentage of gold used in the setting of the ring. 24 karat gold (purest gold) is too soft to directly hold shape. It is mixed with other metal alloys as a percentage to make it sturdier to hold shape and stones. The percentage and type of gold used determines the color and shade of gold.

It comes in three popular types:

  • Yellow Gold: Yellow Gold is the traditional favorite for wedding rings. It gets its yellow color from gold mixed with the greenish hue of silver and the red of copper. Many couples prefer yellow gold above all other metals.
  • White Gold: White gold is a beautiful contemporary take on yellow gold. It is silver in appearance and gets its unique color from a mix of yellow gold, zinc, palladium, and copper. White gold is usually plated with rhodium to preserve it from scratching and bending.
  • Rose Gold: Rose gold is pinkish in color and gets its coloring from yellow gold and a copper alloy. Romantic in appearance, rose gold is soon surpassing yellow gold to become a popular choice amongst trendy brides as a metal for wedding rings.



With a soft white appearance, platinum is shiny, beautiful, and more expensive than gold. Extremely hard, platinum does not oxidize or tarnish easily. Platinum is known for its durability and is an excellent metal to hold stones in. Since platinum rings do not undergo regular wear and tear, they are excellent heirloom pieces that can be passed on to future generations. Delicate work, embellishment, and engraving always look better with platinum.


Sterling Silver:

Sterling silver is the most affordable of metals for wedding rings. It is a mix of pure silver with copper or other metals that make sterling silver more durable. Harder than pure silver, sterling silver tends to get scratched or bent easily. It ranges in color from bright to greyish white. You can also have it finished in shiny or matte based on your preference. Sterling silver needs special care so that it doesn’t wear down easily. Wedding rings made in silver are also easier to maintain than gold and platinum since they are easily resizable and you can get the stones changed as per your wish. Make sure you get the right angle when taking pictures of your silver ring to catch the reflection, if in the area try a Brighton Wedding Photographer.



Titanium is slowly gaining popularity since it is strong and does not easily tarnish at room temperature. Titanium is a non-toxic metal that has hypo-allergenic qualities. This makes it a sought-after metal for people with sensitive skin conditions. It has a slightly dark color as compared to other rings and is extremely light on the hand. Almost infallible, regular wear will not spoil it as much as sterling silver and gold. To clean, wash with a mild soapy solution and wipe off with a soft cloth. Titanium rings also look beautiful with stones and as traditional wedding bands.


Whatever your choice of wedding ring metal, ensure it resonates with you and your partner. Many couples prefer alternative metals like sterling silver, platinum, and titanium to traditional yellow gold. Store your wedding rings properly when not in use and get them checked regularly to ensure proper upkeep and care.

Shopping For A Wedding Gown With Mum

We all agree that Mums know best but does this hold true when it comes to choosing a wedding gown?  Think again.  Some wedding experts point out that your mum may have different views and may stick to what is traditional. Even if you agree with her, consider your entourage who will be taking on the same theme as yours.  The bottom line is shop with someone else who can be more objective.

Wedding Gowns: Comfort Is As Critical As Style

Beautiful weddings are every girl’s dream but often times, there’s too much on fashion and style.  Don’t leave out comfort.  You should be at ease when donning that gown.  After all, you’ll be in it for hours.  Make sure that the boning gives you elbow room to breathe.  When trying the gown on, stand up, sit down, kneel, and bend.  By doing so, you know that you’ll be comfortable in any stance.

Church Weddings: What You Need To Know

Weddings in England have different requirements versus those in Scotland.  In England and Wales, you need parental consent when you are 17 years of age.  In Scotland, consent isn’t required but you should have two adults as witnesses.  In Northern Ireland, there are requisites on residency for those arranging a church wedding.  Do some research beforehand.  The Church where you are tying the knot may present issues which you’re not prepared to tackle.

Decorating For The Big Day

The church, apart from the entertainment and dining area, will have to be prepped up before your wedding.  So consult your vicar when planning for decorations.  Does the church approve of decorating the entire area?  Some churches will have specific places where you can’t put décor. Even confetti is sometimes restricted or has limitations of use.  Do research to avoid unwelcome surprises.  After all, it’s your big day and you can make it hassle-free. Consider a nice kitchen bin to ensure that your wedding remains clean and tidy.

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